John Waters <3 Justin Bieber


    Disclosure: I’m a John Waters fan. To me, his ’70s output was like early Redman or the Beatnuts: all over-the-top and consecutive bangers.

    Waters has yet to cross the divide from celluloid to reel-to-reel (and, ok, those are dated formats!) like fellow director David Lynch, so you may be wondering why Baltimore’s finest filmmaker is on the pages of Prefix.

    Anyone familiar with Waters knows he’s a music nut and has cut his teeth producing soundtracks and compilations rich with trashy rhythm & blues and other forgotten sleaze from your quiet great-aunt’s stash. So little surprise that he peppered last night’s conversation with Craig Ferguson with his latest obsession: Justin Bieber.

    Waters, who describes Bieber as “a bit like Shirley Temple” (@3:49), waxes about seeing the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never film and all things Beebs. The whole clip is worth viewing, but highlights include:

    * Waters thinking that female fans giving Bieber the “heart thing” was a symbol for their lady part (@4:00)
    * Being told by Lil Beeb (ugh, sorry), “Your ‘stache is the jam.” (@7:15)
    * …and, my favorite: “When he leaned in and shook his hair, it was a great moment in cinema” (@8:12)

    Of course, this is an interview with John Waters, so in the opening minutes there’s talk of goiters, crotch shots and his awesome suggestion that Lil Wayne should have sung the Toy Story 3 theme song.


    The second part of the interview is here. And, yes, it gets better; Waters talks about being a first grade teacher!