John Travolta Wants Role In 3D Remake of John Woo’s ‘The Killer’

    In news certain to make some movie buffs shudder, John Travolta would like to be part of a 3D remake of John Woo’s classic action movie The Killer.

    Woo’s film, about an assassin working a final hit to pay for surgery to heal a woman he injured in a shootout, is a hyper-violent, stylized spectacle which has influenced action films for years to come.

    Travolta told ScreenDaily that he is “entertaining the possibility of doing” a 3D remake of the iconic film. After years of unsuccessful attempts at rebooting the legendary flick, a new venture was announced a little over a year ago, to be written by Josh Campbell, directed by South Korean filmmaker John H. Lee and produced by Woo. The remake would star Jung Woo-sung in a revamped plot which would move the action from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. However, little has occurred with the project.

    Travolta has worked with Woo on the films Face/Off and Broken Arrow. While Travolta’s exact role has not been confirmed, Indiewire predicts he would play the detective chasing the assassin.

    Travolta’s connection to the remake isn’t the only thing that’s likely to upset cinephiles. The idea of redoing such a high-octane, visually outrageous thriller in 3D is also sure to seem unnecessary.

    Travolta also mentioned that he would like to play Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi, the man who once coached Travolta’s father Salvatore Travolta. Robert De Niro considered the role a couple of years back, but it didn’t go anywhere.