John Peel To Have Festival Named In His Honor

    Legendary radio DJ John Peel is having a music festival named in his honor. Norwich Sound and Vision (NSV) announced today that over 50 acts from around Britain are scheduled to play at 10 venues across the English city of Norwich this October. Sheila Ravenscroft, Peel’s widow, has given the festival her blessing.

    Director of Norwich Arts Center, Stuart Hobday told local newspaper The Norwich Evening News that, “The festival is making a statement for new music. Nostalgia in music, particularly in live music, is all over the place with bands reforming…Each of these acts that we all liked from the past were a new band at some point trying to elbow their way in and that is what John Peel represented – getting that new music through to people.”

    The festival is scheduled to take place from October 11 to 13, and is set to feature a big name act, to be declared “imminently.” Organizers, NSV have been focused on giving bands, singers and companies opportunities to learn how to make contacts in the business. Sheila Ravenscroft, who shared the family home “Peel Acres” with her late husband in nearby Suffolk said, ““I’m very pleased that an organization like Norwich Arts Centre is keeping the spirit and legacy of John’s passion alive.”

    John Peel’s name will be forever etched on the radio dials of music fans across the world. For over 35 years the broadcaster promoted new music spanning the aural spectrum; from psychedelic folk rock acts of the 60’s, progressive rock and punk in the ’70s to British hip hop, indie and reggae of the last quarter century. His “Peel Sessions” saw over 4,000 acts perform some of their best live performances recorded for posterity, including The Fall, Pulp, The Wedding Present and AC/DC. Peel’s untimely death at age 65 in 2004 has left a sonic and cultural vacuum for listeners, that never really has been filled.