John Oliver Seems A Little Different As ‘The Daily Show’ Discusses The Replacement Refs

    The labor dispute that’s been giving football fans a fair amount of stress these past few weeks isn’t the typical sort of political antic The Daily Show usually covers. However, when you’ve got a crack team of correspondents on staff, headed by the incomparable John Oliver, you can skewer any news story you like. 

    Except last night, something seemed a little bit off when John Oliver filed his report on the NFL replacement referees. Even Jon Stewart seemed to notice. His voice was more sonorous, his complexion much improved and he seemed to remarkably resemble a certain former captain of the USS Enterprise

    I’m also pretty sure that John Oliver hasn’t always been this adept at quoting Shakespeare, and he never seemed to refer to himself as the “clown prince of correspondence” before. I think you’d better see for yourself. Check it out below (via Mashable).