John Mayer, Food Blogger

    John Mayer
    In an effort to make ””the most personal aspect of his life more public,”” John Mayer has decided to add a ””mlog,”” or meal log feature to his blog. [more:]And not to worry, Mayer will not make this glimpse into his diet a pay site because he ””loves his fans,”” but don”’t even think about reposting these photos elsewhere. Each picture, that have included such culinary delights as duck shepherd”’s pie and waffles with apple cinnamon butter, will be watermarked. Says Mayer, ””I want to be able to thoughtfully control my image. Of my food.”” So far, the response to the mlog has been ””overwhelming.”” Fortunately, Mayer seems content in just posting photos of his meals and has not established himself as an amateur food critic, the enemy of chef”’s everywhere. [Chart Attack]