John Lydon Talks X-Factor, PiL’s Lack Of Label

    Public Image Ltd. frontman John Lydon recently spoke with NME about his band’s current place in music industry purgatory. He recognized that PiL has come into its position because labels are reluctant to give artists who “strive to break barriers” a shot. Well, maybe it’s time to start up a social networking profile, give music away for free and go out on tour in some wretched van? Nope, it’s time to take (deserved) shots at television talent shows like American Idol and X-Factor. Lydon says these competitions are no good for music and called it a “shame” that the industry has become dominated by them. The PiL leader and former Sex Pistol, however, seemed more disappointed than angry. “Unfortunately there’s some fantastic singers that come out of that, but they’re karaoke,” he said.

    He continued to say that PiL is close to signing with a label, although it did struggle to find one not saturated in “shenanigans or dictatorships.” This is PiL, the band’s first studio release since 1992, should drop within the first half of 2012. [NME]