John Lydon Rules Out Olympic Sex Pistols Reunion

    John Lydon will not be joining the likes of Blur, New Order or Coldplay at any London Olympics themed shindig this July. The veteran PiL frontman recently told Billboard that he was approached by Olympic organizers to lend his support to the event, along with his former Sex Pistol band mates. However, Lydon’s fears over censorship and corporate sterilization of any appearance quickly extinguished any hope of another Pistols reunion. “There’s no point, really, to it. There’s no joy in that…censorship mattered more than the content of the Pistols. If you’re going to be celebrating what is great about Britain, the honesty of the Sex Pistols was one of those things. If you censor the words of any one song, you’re killing the honesty and I couldn’t tolerate that. From my point of view we said we didn’t want nothing to do with them. Such is the world we live in.”

    Lydon’s concerns regarding censorship are matched by his reluctance to be involved in an event he views as contradictory to Britain’s present needs. Figures showed the country entering a double dip recession last week, with the U.K. economy shrinking 0.5% over the past six months, added to this are record debt levels and an austerity driven Conservative government regarded as draconian by much of the country. Lydon earlier explained to the NME that the Olympics “are going to leave an incredible debt as soon as it’s ended, the prices and taxes are going to go up…there’s a lot of unemployment and I’m seeing money wasted on people splish-splashing about and throwing things.”

    Though the punk icon will not be seen flag waving at the 400m Butterfly anytime soon, Lydon will be releasing material in 2012. Public Image Ltd. are set to release a Record Store Day EP “One Drop” on May 28 before  the post punk legends’ first album in twenty years “This is PiL” later in the year. The Sex Pistols too will be rearing their snotty little heads with a 35th anniversary re-issue of their  seminal record “Never Mind The Bollocks” in the Fall.