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John Lydon: like butta

It would have been tough to imagine in the days when he was scaring the beejeezus out of faint-hearted listeners as the frontman for Public Image Ltd., much less back in the pre-Filthy Lucre Tour-era of the Sex Pistols, but John Lydon has become a commercial spokesman for the Country Life butter brand. According to the former Mr. Rotten, he's really into the whole idea, stating he's "proud to be British" and "proud to get behind a proper British brand." He further observes "this Country Life ad was made for me and I couldn't resist the opportunity." Lydon's website says the punk pioneer will appear in UK television commercials for Country Life, roaming around in a tweed suit, "investigating why he enjoys Country Life." Reports that the Clash's Mick Jones was preparing a margarine endorsement remain unconfirmed.
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