John Lydon Is Really, Earnestly Into The Royal Wedding

    People change, and in John Lydon’s case, boy do they ever: The ex-Pistols/PiL singer just provided the UK’s Sun with a long letter of congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their upcoming wedding. This is only vaguely surprising, because even though Lydon was once known for blaspheming the Queen, violating British broadcasting standards and popularizing NYC-bred punk the world over, he has mellowed in his old age into the sort of coot who does ads for butter brands and reportedly – according to  several sources – hurls racist insults in public. But the royal engagement apparently lightened his spirits:


    “When I heard William had popped the question to Kate, I had a nice cup of tea for them. Later on, I might even put some bucks fizz in my veins in their honour,” said Lydon.


    He went on to applaud the couple for overcoming class differences (“He’s marrying someone different to himself and that’s wonderful – some mix and match. I can’t stand it when people have a jealous reaction to this, saying she is a gold-digger and he is marrying beneath him. That horrible class thing always comes out in Britain and it’s got to stop.”); praise the royals’ seeming contemporary normalcy (“Oddly enough, they look like a very nice suburban couple – they do not seem ostentatious or flamboyant. Charles is a really good-natured bloke who talks to plants. There’s nothing wrong with that.”); laud Princess Diana (“Di introduced a different element to it all. She refused to turn up and just be a cartoon character in someone else’s charade.”); and take a few shots at William’s appearance (“He does have that slightly shoddy look but he’s all right. You look at him and, let’s be honest, he’s a dull-looking fella. But he must have something going for him…”).


    In the end, Lydon chalked up his youthful “animosity” toward the royals as disenchantment with the “remote institution” of the British throne, and nothing personal:


    “People think I hate the Royal Family, but that’s not true. My animosity is towards the institution, not the people themselves,” he said.


    Which seems at odds with a lyric like, “God save the Queen/She ain’t no human being.” But Lydon has, especially lately, proven himself to be a man of many contradictions. [The Sun via NME]