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John Lennon's White Suit Going Up For Auction

Few images in music are as iconic as the cover of Abbey Road; the reenactment is practically mandatory for tourists in London nowadays. But for the Beatlemaniac who's got an extra few hundred thousand dollars lying around, there's a new way to get close to the legacy of the mop-tops: buy the clothes off their backs.

The suit John Lennon wore on the cover of the album will be auctioned off on New Year's Day in Norwalk, Conn., along with other memorabilia including the blazer he wore in the "Imagine" video and his and Yoko's 1972 Chrysler station wagon.

The suit and blazer were bought by an unnamed investor back in 2005 for $120,000, but the investor has gone through "some economic hardship" and is deciding to sell. I guess that's what happens when you spend $120,000 on a suit worn by a dead guy.

[AP via Daily Swam]

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How much more money do they want from Lennon? I mean really it is getting ridiculous already. Let the man rest in peace. They are selling everything but the kitchen sink.


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