John Lennon’s Personal Letters, Now In App Form

    John Lennon vacillated between being intensely private and intensely showing off his privates–in short, he was a complicated man but even he had his limits in regards to his personal life. Yet later this month, fans will get an even bigger peak into his mind when many of his personal letters will be published as an app.

    The iOS-exclusive “John Lennon Letters App” is being released in conjunction with The John Lennon Letters, a new book by Hunter Davies that takes a close look at nearly 300 private messages written by Lennon throughout his life. The app offers about a third of these letters in digital form and it includes annotations, audio readings from actor Christopher Eccleston, and a soundtrack of Beatles music. Users can view, cut and paste, email, and tweet these private letters all around the world.

    It’s hard to say what Lennon himself would think of all this, but his former wife Yoko Ono signed off on the venture and even includes her own forward in the app. You can find more details here. [Digital Music News]