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John Lennon Reissues Due For His 70th Birthday


John Lennon's 70th birthday would have been Oct. 9, which is apparently a good enough reason to reissue all his eight solo albums in a huge box set. The set is retailing for $150, and it collects Lennon's remastered solo albums in one place. Like the Beatles reissues from last year, the albums will also be available individually, as well. They are all out on Oct. 5. [EW


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John Lennon

All John Lennon…all weekend…this weekend on Radio Woodstock 69 (10/8-10/10)…solo and with The Beatles…Live and studio tracks… available on Radio Woodstock 69 at or Google Radio Woodstock…peace, love, music.


I wish the media would STOP promoting and portraying John Lennon as some kind of Saint. He was a great musician AND THAT IS ALL! As a person he was very eccentric, Abusive and Violent towards women, a regular drug user and a Heroin Addict in the early 70's, prone to rediculous publicity stunts for Peace that accomplished NOTHING, not very educated, and a lousy, absentee, uncaring father to his first son Julian. He had NO OTHER successes in his life outside of music. There are 1,000 other people who did more for the Peace movment than sing songs and make speeches who got no MEDIA COVERAGE. He owes much of his importance to being a "Darling Of The Media" for the past 46 years. I have been a Beatles fan since I was 12 years old in 1964, but I can still be OBJECTIVE, which the media has never been with Lennon. As Paul McCartney said in his Bio, "ever since John died people have tried to make him out to be Martin Luther Lennon. He was just a regular guy, and no more." Which is the TRUTH! But the comment was later removed after a HUGE outcry by the media and fans. People don't want the truth, they want to believe in the myths the media creates.


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