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Lock of John Lennon's hair to become someone's creepy heirloom

British hairdresser Betty Glasgow is the latest to offer up Beatle memorabilia to the never-ending line of rabid fans. The most recent addition? A lock of John Lennon's silky brown hair, which is estimated to fetch somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds of some fanatic's hard earned coinage and will undoubtedly land in a dark basement with hundreds of candles.
Glasgow came into contact with the group when she was working as a hairdresser for the film A Hard Day's Night, and the hair is just one item up for sale in the Betty Glasgow Collection of Beatles and Film Memorabilia auction, set for December 12 at Gorringes in Worthing, London.
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John Lennon

I;m looking for someone to buy Governor Charlie Crist hair. If you know anyone please write me at


How would we know if it actually John Lennon's Hair?


maybe it's still attached to his head


It's true. I randomly just watched Hard Day's Night and there's an interview with the hairdresser in the Special Features. There's actually a picture of the same card with the lock of hair in the interview that I saw on the news this week.

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That's an awfully condescending article, Buonantuono, what about the Victorians, who always kept a lock of hair of their loved ones, and wore them in bracelets or brooches? Or what about the locks of Beethoven's hair, or Poe's hair (among many other historical figures) that are in museum collections? And if someone's rich enough to afford it, one doubts if their money is "hard earned," the rich never work hard at anything (by the way, when you use a double adjective, you're supposed to have a dash in between the two. And you call yourself a "writer").


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