John Legend Sings “Wake Up Everybody” To Urge People To Vote (Video)

    In case you forgot, tomorrow is Election Day (the big one) and John Legend wants to sexily sing you all the way to the polls. Not you specifically, just a lucky group of early voters in Cleveland, OH. Legend tweeted to fans that he was in the battleground state supporting President Obama’s “get out the vote” effort, and a video produced by the DFL party shows him doing just that, via sexy song of course. The soulful singer is seen rallying a group of voters before launching into Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes’ “Wake Up Everybody” (which Legend and The Roots covered in 2010).

    “Our mission is to make sure we re-elect President Obama, we re-elect Sherrod Brown back to the Senate, we gotta have folks all throughout Washington who are looking out for our interests,” he said in the clip. Watch the video below (and remember to vote!).