John Goodman Rumored For The Hangover Part III

    Even though most of the cast of The Hangover will be returning for the third installment, The Hangover Part III, director Todd Phillips is bringing some new talent into the mix. Variety reports that John Goodman is in talks to play a small role as one of the film’s antagonists.

    Goodman is only rumored to be appearing in the film, as he has not been officially cast yet. However, if he turns down the role, it is also been heard that Phillips is interested in casting either Sean Penn or Robert Downey Jr. for the part. But Goodman fans shouldn’t be too worried about seeing him on the big screen this fall, as he has already completed three upcoming features: Trouble With the Curve, Argo and Flight.

    Warner Bros. is keeping quiet on the plot details of the film, but the comedy sequel is set to hit theaters on May 24. Phillips co-wrote the script with Craig Mazin, who also worked with him on The Hangover Part II and directed Superhero Movie.