Joey Ramone Street Sign is Most Stolen in New York City

    The sign that marks the spot for Joey Ramone Place is the most stolen of New York City’s 250,900 street signs, which seems like an oddly fitting honor. Since the homage to the late Ramones lead singer went up at Bowery and East 2nd in 2003, it’s been replaced four times because of overly enthused Ramones paraphernalia collectors. In an attempt to thwart would-be thieves, the city’s Department of Transportation recently had the sign placed some 20 feet above the street – just around eight feet higher than nearly every other street sign in town.


    It’s worth mentioning that the Joey Ramone Place sign has been stolen more often than some of NYC’s most iconic others. Wall Street, Love Lane and Broadway are among the street markers that go missing most often, but unsurprisingly, fans of musical theater and money are less dedicated sign stealers than fans of the Ramones. [Billboard]