Joey Bada$$ Is Mad At XXL And The Media

    Joey Bada$$ hasn’t even released his first album, but he already feels like he is being typecast.

    In an interview with XXL Magazine, which was published today, Bada$$ talks about the process of recording his debut album, what fans can expect, his late friend Capital STEEZ, and how excited he is about recording the album in the legendary studio where Nas, Jay Z and Big L all worked in the past.

    For Bada$$, the studio makes sense when looking at the heavy influence that hip hop from the early 90’s in New York has had on his work, and XXL went with the headline “Joey Bada$$ Recorded His New Album In The Same Studio As Nas, Jay Z And Big L,” with their Twitter headline reading “Joey Bada$$ Wants To Channel The Energy Of Nas, Jay Z And Big L On New Album.” Bada$$ doesn’t like the headlines though, and took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

    This isn’t the first time in recent memory that a rapper has gotten upset with a publication, as Drake recently criticized Rolling Stone for the way they handled an article about him. In the Bada$$ interview, talk of the recording studio only lasts one paragraph, so who do you think is in the wrong in this situation?