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Joe Walsh Files Restraining Order Against 70-Year-Old Neighbor

These are the kind of stories you pray for when you are a marginally employed music writer because they bring the maximum lulz: Joe Walsh, a mummy known as the dude who played in the Eagles for a while, has issued a restraining order against his 70-year-old neighbor, Nassar Adhoot, after Adhoot threatened to kill him and beat his assistant with a wooden block. This shit is so crazy. A wooden block? Joe Walsh has an assistant? For what? And Walsh is afraid of an old dude? Isn't Walsh an old dude? Couldn't bond over Gunsmoke episodes? Classic stuff here. Walsh is hoping that the restraining order will be extended to his assistant, his gardener, his maid and his wife. [TMZ]

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Joe Walsh

What is your problem with Joe behaving like an "ordinary average guy" and using the law to settle a dispute with someone? Would it have been better for you if he had just shot up his neighbor's place like a drugged-out loon?
Maybe you would be more than marginally employed if you didn't paint things in such unrealistic and ridiculous terms.

if you just proofread your work-
"Couldn't the bond over Gunsmoke episodes?"

stue trory

Joe Walsh known as the guy who played with the Eagles for awhile? If you had another brain it would die of loneliness Andy Pansy.

Whatup punk

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