Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten DVD

    It’s here! Well, almost…it’s just around the corner, anyway. Legacy will at last be releasing the acclaimed Joe Strummer documentary, The Future is Unwritten, on July 8. As you’d expect from director Julien Temple, the man responsible for the excellent Sex Pistols doc The Filth & the Fury (we’ll just skip over the notoriously overrated Great Rock & Roll Swindle if you don’t mind), this is no by-the-numbers affair interspersing bland talking heads (as opposed to Talking Heads) with overused live footage.


    Not wanting to steal too much of the film’s thunder, we’ll just say that Temple makes the most of mise-en-scene to frame the commentary of everyone from members of the Clash camp to admirers like Johnny Depp (somehow looking strangely appropriate in his pirate getup). Of course, it would all be for naught if Temple didn’t also bring a historian’s perspective to the proceedings, but in the end what you’ll come away with is a true sense of this punk pioneer’s indomitable spirit. Oh yeah, and 100 minutes of bonus footage doesn’t hurt either.