Joe Strummer Put His Love Of Bruce Springsteen In Black Marker

    Most music fans have a healthy respect for Bruce Springsteen, but think that real love of the boss is the domain of embittered longshoremen or mustachioed fathers of three who finally get “Born to Run” after attending six straight years of kiddie soccer games. It turns out, though, that Springsteen beguiled at least one musician of unquestioned credentials. When Joe Strummer was asked by documentary producer Mark Hagen about his opinion of Springsteen, he poured forth a mash note worthy of a besotted freshman. Who knew the man behind Combat Rock turned to Bruce on “a dark rainy morning in England,” when he needed “some spirit and proof that the wide world exists”? A note like this is a great reminder of the unique and unpretentious individual that was Strummer.  [The Daily Swarm]