Joe Jonas Wuvs Daft Punk

    Here’s another nutty “this band/cultural object/stuffed bear influenced my new album” story: Joe Jonas, he of your dreams and Jonas Brothers fame, has announced that Daft Punk, they of your dreams and Daft Punk fame, are a big influence on his upcoming solo album. Saying:


    “I love their music,” Jonas says. “I just listen to a bunch of stuff that you dance to, kind of electro-based [music].” He added that Justice, Frankmusik, and “a lot of Electro DJs out in Europe” are influencing his tastes as well and that he set out to create a more adult-contemporary album before moving towards a dance-oriented sound. “[Danja and I] have been able to collaborate on something that really works for me,” says Jonas, “when people hear it, hopefully they’ll be able to dance and have a good time.”

    “Dance and have a good time” indeed. Jonas is working on the disc with Timbaland lackey Danja, so it’s not that far-fetched to think the album will have a dance influence. It’s due out this year. [CoS]