Joe Biden Inspires A Twitter Frenzy With #joebidenmovies

    To a casual observer, there’s nothing extraordinary about Vice President Joe Biden. He’s a career politician from Delaware and has shown enough foreign policy expertise and economic savvy to end up as President Barack Obama’s number two advisor and potential successor — but he’s more or less just another statesman.

    Not according to the rest of the Internet. 

    For some inexplicable reason, Joe Biden is incredibly popular online. It may have something to do with his casual, shoot-from-the-hip attitude on a lot of matters, or it may just be because he likes to chuckle when he gets a particularly good zinger by an opponent. Either way, he’s become a beloved figure on the web, whether he’s real or fictionalized.

    For instance, The Onion has been running an ongoing joke that he’s an Trans-Am-driving, hard-drinking partier who occaisonally has to cool his heels in Mexico to evade the law. Last night’s debate with Paul Ryan saw an even greater outpouring of interest in the VP, this time on Twitter.

    Some enterprising user came up with the hashtag #joebidenmovies, which alters the titles of films to include something about Biden. For instance, there’s “The Gaffefather,” “Charlie and the Union Controlled Chocolate Factory” and “How To Succeed In Government Without Even Trying.” Mashable has more, and you can always come up with your own and see what response you get on Twitter.