Joaquin Phoenix’s “Hip-Hop Career” Was Definitely Fake, He And Casey Affleck Are Shopping The Movie Around

    Remember last year, when were all younger and we were definitely not fooled by Joaquin Phoenix’s “hip-hop career” that was being documented by his stoolie Casey Affleck? It turns out we were right to not be fooled by Phoenix and Affleck’s “controversial” hijinks: They were filming it the whole time for a documentary that they are trying to sell right now. They are keeping the plot of the documentary under wraps right now, but I’m betting it has to do with a misguided attempt to show how the celebrity gossip factory works and how entertainment writers are slimeballs for reporting that Joaquin Phoenix is a tool because he was just “acting” like a tool. But that’s just my guess.


    We’ll apparently know soon, as a deal for the movie is expected to be announced in short order. [DListed