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Joanna Newsom Sells Bras (Video)


Here's one from the "who thought of this one?" file: Joanna Newsom's The Milk-Eyed Mender standout "Sprout and the Bean" has been used in a new Victoria's Secret ad for push-up bras. My 12-year-old self is begging me (with help from my 16-year-old self) to make a boob joke here, but I'll resist. But seriously; the music at least makes sense with the Lord of the Rings vibe they're going for here, but it seems odd that they'd pluck out a Newsom song instead of just paying some dude with a harp to bang out a few woodland tunes for the ad. I suppose it allowed them to avoid contracting the music, but it's kind of a random choice. [via Stereogum ]

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Joanna Newsom

I like bras.


"The Book of Hard-On." Wow, that was terrible. I'm done.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Frosty/Kyle.jpg Kyle Lemmon

This saddens me profoundly. I guess my image of Joanna Newsom as someone with integrity, as someone who wouldn't promote unhealthy body images and push up bras, is false. I was already a little sickened by her movie and bank commercial licensing, but there's no way I can let this push up bra one go. She's on Drag City too, so I know for a fact that she has the final authorization on the use of her music. Jesus, money wins every time. Imagine if Fugazi or Shellac soundtracked a beer commercial. Actually, this is worse, because a beer commercial doesn't try to convince people to fake who they are, it just tells them to drink beer. What's next Joanna, the theme song to The Swan? Save your soul, give the blood money away to a charity and stop sullying your music.


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