jj Announces New Album and Releases “Fågelsången” As A Free Download

    The Swedish duo, jj, have announced the imminent release of their new LP, V, and one of its tracks, “Fågelsången” (“Bird Song”), available as a free download. V will be the first full-length since the Gothenburg balearic beat-infused dream pop act’s 2010 release,  jj n° 3, which is actually their second LP. Below is the trailer for the album from jj’s Swedish label, Sincerely Yours. They are signed to Secretly Canadian in North America. 

    Go to jjuniverse.com to download the sweeping dancey pop concluding as a ballad single, “Fågelsången”. Elin Kastlander’s voice is sultry, wistful, and beguiling as ever as the blonde songstress ponder about the circumstances of  lovers.