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Jive "releases" Papoose; world shrugs

So Papoose, the ''"next great hope''" of New York City hip hop, has finally been dropped from Jive. Svengali Kay Slay announced it on Hot 97 and kept referring to it as Pap acquiring his ''"release,''" putting the brunt on endless delays and no commercial buzz on Jive--''"a good R&B label''"--and on the ''"60 something year-old-white''" A&R''" assigned to Pap, the ''"20 something year old black kid...from Brooklyn.''"
We have a few bones to pick: First off, Papoose is pushing thirty, for the record, with only an endless barrage of half-cocked mixtapes and YouTube clips of a rhyme trick the dude from Blackalicious did first to show for it. And second, even if '''84 Russell Simmons and '''96 Dame Dash and '''63 Ahmet Ertegun had been rolled into some kind of superhustling bionic A&R, Papoose still would have flopped.
The self-proclaimed ''"lyrical one''" loves to overload his lines, striving for a killer knockout. Problem is, his knockouts are always so lame, either miles-away obvious or unwarrantedly satisfied with themselves. A commenter on a Status Ain'''t Hood blog post, riffing on ''"50 Shots,''" produced a rhyme that was, and no disrespect to the Sean Bell situation, a perfect encapsulation of Pap'''s thick-headed bluster: ''"what they did was wrong, like saying two plus two is five / Sean Bell is dead, that means he isn'''t alive.''" Cracks me up every time. (And for fairness sake, an actual Papoose line; ''"They say you can't have your cake and eat it too / Tell me what's the meaning? / What's the sense of me having cake if I can't eat it?''" Gah.) So anyways, shame on Jive for dropping $1.5 mill (if that'''s even true) on this dude in the first place, but kudos for at least realizing they fucked up in time.
Wale - MP3: Wale "Nike Boots" Amanda Blank, Spank Rock MP3: Bangers & Cash "Loose" ft. Amanda Blank

good spin job by Kay Slay.

Yung Daba

papoose is the greatest rapping talent in the game. have obviously not listened to more than 2 papoose songsno one has the ablity that he has."the most official spittin, thats IF you listen, its a SIMPLE mission, that his crew missin, thats his decision..."this is not only an example of a flow that cannot be imitated but it also makes the point that if you dont like papoose its because you are an idiot.the crap that makes it to the radio is dumbed down for your ears and minds and is not the real pap. its crappy production and a miscalculated attempt to go mainstream.if you want to make an informed opinion that start with art&war and work your way up the mixtapes. listen to what is being said and ask yourself if anyone can rhyme like that. only then can you have an are the thick headed


Jive is a kinda, a good "a good R&B label''" they aint got more than 2 hiphop artists signed.Paps hype was goin down, maybe this will get him back on he can release more crack!!


Papoose Is Number 1, plain and simple!

pap on top

papoose is not that serious, i have almost everything he's done so far, and while you can see the progress (if you listen chronologically), duke still has a long way to go. lets not get ahead of ourselves. i'm not saying he cant get his shit together and spit something hard, but you cant take 50 for a 100. 80, maybe, but he's only good half the time which means, he's just aight.


Damn, Dude, Pap is ill!! But that gun talk is overkill!! We need to slow up on that. I like it when he do more concious rhymes cuz he's intelligent, but recently he has shown no sign of slowin up on that crazy killer stuff. We need to slow up on that. Jive cannot afford to take reponsibility for more violent music which is not doin nobody any good. Now Pap had to make a choice b/n


He had to make a choice b/n


papoose the caboose is straight traaaash city garbage
all the people that like him are slow or didn't finish school (stopped at 6th grade)


Come m'on hip hop listener wid da entry of thetruth. If you ever listened to Kool G Rap, Rakim, Ghetto Boys etc then you'd really appreciate real Hip Hop. If you have? then like flava flav once said


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