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Jimmy Fallon (As Neil Young) Covers Will Smith (Video)


Jimmy Fallon is actually funny now? No way, it can't be. But dude totally is; he dressed up and sang just like Neil Young covering Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Why did Fallon do this? I couldn't tell you; I haven't seen much of his show. But this is Conan O'Brien-level absurdity, which couldn't come from the male lead of Taxi. But it totally did. Black is white, white is red, up is down, down is left, etc. [via A.V. Club]

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Neil Young
Will Smith

Credit where credit's due: Fallon finally managed a funny.

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"Is Jimmy Fallon actually funny now?"

Maybe you just used to be dumber...

This show is consistently hilarious.


This is actually quite brilliant. Color me impressed.

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Jimmy's late night show is actually pretty funny sometimes.


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