Jimi Hendrix sex tape to see release

    A while back we clued you in about a sex tape allegedly featuring Jimi Hendrix (you know him) in the throes of passion with two young ladies. Well, it seems that film will be in your nearest “Adult Bookstore” very soon, after Experience Music (Jimi’s licensing company) was unable to prove that it was not Jimi in the video during the 60-day limit that Vivid Entertainment offered.

    Plus, it’s been revealed that the two women in the video are famed groupie Pamela Des Barres (she of the book I’m With the Band) and “Plaster Caster” Cynthia Albritton.


    So now the question becomes who will buy this video (at a steep list price of $39.95)? I can’t imagine there’s a large audience of people who want to see a dead rock star getting busy. But I guess there are a lot of people who will pay exorbitant amounts for old guitars and clothes, so a sex tape is kind of like the next (terribly sordid) step.