Jim Sclavunos Talks Grinderman Hiatus, Which Might Not Be Forever

    There was a certain amount of surprise earlier this week, when the searing rock group Grinderman announced that they were no more. It was one of the most low-profile and unexpected breakups, as the group just sort of said, yep, it’s done. 

    However, there wasn’t much of a reasoning behind the breakup, until Jim Sclavunos talked this week to FasterLouder. Apparently, the reason the group called it quits is that Cave decided that they hadn’t done anything with Bad Seeds in a while, and it was time. So, the Grinderman members–who also play in Bad Seeds–are going to get back together as the Bad Seeds to do a new album. 

    “I don’t think there should be mourning or rending of garments just yet, let’s wait a few years and see what happens. I’m sorry the whole thing’s a bit vague, but we took a long time between Grinderman album’s before, but we have kind of neglected Bad Seeds of late. It’s been about four years since we have done anything and I think it’s high time we made some beautiful music together, again”…

    That first sentence is good news for Grinderman superfans. Read more here. [via DS]