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Jim Jones Lets Six-Year-Old Son Direct Video, His Videos Suddenly Make More Sense

Jim Jones talks about his son" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> Jim Jones talks about his son">


In an interview with the hard hitting hip-hop TV channel Vlad TV, a visibly stoned out of his gourd Jim Jones revealed that he let his six-year-old son direct the video for "Pray IV Reign." I've always wondered why Jones's videos were so terrible, and now that I know he'd let a kid direct them, it makes perfect sense. The reporter at Vlad TV follows up the video questions with inquiries about Jones's son, which seems pretty bizarre/creepy/random, like everyone out here is curious about what sport Jones's kid is going to play, and whether or not he's "creative." Well done, Vlad TV. [NahRight]

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Jim Jones

Does he also write his rhymes?

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