Jim Jones Arrested, Keeps Fans Updated Via Twitter

    Jim Jones is no stranger to controversy, but getting arrested for an outstanding traffic warrant doesn’t rank highly on his list of misdemeanors. Jones was arrested for an alleged fight with Ne-Yo in New York City in December 2008 and was reported to have been involved in a shooting in Detroit in March this year.

    This latest arrest, which occurred in New Jersey on Sunday (April 5), has gained attention because Jones kept his avid fans updated by


    throughout the incident. The first tweet simply says: "Just got pulled over by the boys. Of all days I decide to drive by myself … let’s see how this plays out."

    The officers took Jones to a local police station where he gave another update: "Well, it didn’t go the way I wanted. I’m in the precinct, but I will have my phone, they ain’t trippin’. They said just procedure." The hip-hop star paid the outstanding $120 fine, and continued to tweet about the incident, saying that the officers “were very cool." Clearly Jones would have gone through Twitter withdrawal if he had actually been incarcerated, although it would have been amusing to receive tweets from inside a jail cell. [