Jim DeRogatis Continues Assault On Lollapalooza, Accuses Concert Of Signing Good Deal

    Though Jon Spencer thought Jim DeRogatis was getting personal with him, the columnist might just have a thing with Lollapalooza. In his latest salvo against what he calls “the musical Walmart on the lake,” DeRogatis asserts that despite the million dollar a year donative provided by Lollapalooza for improvements to area parks, the city is getting a bad deal. The long term deal signed to keep the concert in Chicago through 2018 exempts promoters from paying the taxes other entertainment events would be charged. DeRogatis says that, given the city’s budget crisis, the city should seek to collect a more fair share of the revenue. What he might not realize is that people can learn to live without trash pick-up and teachers, but denying them three days of accessible alternative music would lead to riots in the streets. [The Daily Swarm]