Jets Install Wildcat, Indicate Tebow Has Value Above Sensual Running

    Tim Tebow’s value to the New York Jets has thus far been pretty intangible, limited to a run on sales to fans ditching Favre jerseys, an uptick in fans in interested in muscular wholesomeness, and perhaps penetrating the forcefield that is Mark Sanchez’s ego. At the team’s sixth practice, however, coach Rex Ryan gave the first indication that Jesus’s Warrior might actually take the field this season when he ran a couple of snaps from a Wildcat formation. Given that it’s still the first week of August, it’s hard to tell whether this is something that will actually surface in a game or is merely a ploy to get some coveted Jaworski time on ESPN. Regardless of its actual usefulness to the organization, the race to name this package undoubtedly starts now. [ESPN]