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The Jethro Tull incident and six other Grammy mistakes

There’s a certain segment of the population unwilling to let go of the fact that Jethro Tull received the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1988. Granted that Metallica probably deserved the award; the band members have said as much without even bothering to give Jethro Tull the experience props. Good sense would dictate that Lars and Jimbo did realize some time in the nineties that they were, in fact, Metallica and had a standing army of tattooed, bemulleted warriors ready to kill for them on command. Who cares about the lousy Grammy? Apparently Adam Brown, who has topped his list of the Grammy’s seven deadly sins with the Metallica snub. Making a list of Grammy mistakes is akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Rather than chronicling the predictable losses of musicians like Public Enemy, Nirvana, and Radiohead, how about trying to compile a list of the times the Grammy voters actually got it right? [Cracked]
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As much as Eminem and Radiohead deserved that 2000 Best Album award more than Steely Dan, I did love Two Against Nature, and in any other year would have been satisfied with its winning. Those dudes are under-appreciated by people under 40, especially white people under 40.

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good suggestion, let's try listing the times the grammys actually got it right. however, i'm not sure 3 items counts as a 'list'


Only... Jethro Tull *didn't* receive the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1988. The award was for 'hard rock or heavy metal', and Tull's 'Crest Of A Knave' album did qualify as 'hard rock'.

The category was split in future years, but people still make the mistake of applying the current name to the old category. I suppose it makes too good a story for people to worry about whether it's true.


Agreed, narfish. I had a lot of friends who gave me some super strange looks when I'd throw on the Steely D.

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Ministry, your point is well taken but Metallica's "...And Justice For All" beats "Crest of a Knave" whether you consider it metal or hard rock. If the median age of NARAS voters that year was under 75, Metallica would have won handily.

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i heard a story from a girl whose dad received Grammy nominee ballots...she said he'd hand the ballots over to his toddler-aged daughters to be filled out.

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As a committed Steely Dan aficionado, and of an age that dates my appreciation of Donald and Walter from the early seventies, I still think "Two Against Nature" is the best album in the Steely Dan discography. My real surprise at their win consisted entirely of an incomprehension at their inclusion in the Grammy affair in the first place.


the opening intro to And Justice before a song even breaks in pisses all over anything Jethro Tull ever did. what a gong show these awards are. a complete waste of time and resources


Jethro Tull definately surpasses anything Metallica ever did by lightyears... especially their early 70's stuff, but in my opinion "And Justice For All" was more worthy then "Crest Of A Knave" for that award. Either way though, it's funny seeing Metallica fans constantly complain about it. By the same token though, it is nice to see Tull get some well deserved recognition.


Jethro Tull is better than Metallica. That's that. I'm not saying Metallica isn't tallented, but shred does not make better music.


That's not true at all Fred. Shredding is an artwork and there are about a billion people who can back me up. By the way.... Has Jethro Tull gone 22 x Platinum worldwide?
I didn't think so.


Only the naive would think that Metallica is better than Tull. Musicianship, songwriting stage presence, singing are all vastly superior by the great Tull band. They have sold 65 Million albums worldwide so one really can't say that they haven't sold their fair share of discs.


Though I agree that it was a suprise, listen to the intro to Minstril in the Gallery. Barrymore Barley's double bass intro led the way for all speed metal bands. Just for that Lars should have nodded his head in tribute. Tull is way better than all the bands out there in ANY category


Nothing wrong with Jethro Tull, but let's not get crazy in saying they're more talented or influential than Metallica. They're not. Not by a long shot.

The fact is they had no business winning, or even being nominated, for the Grammy that year. AJFA is far superior to the schlock Tull put out that year. There's a reason the crowd booed when they announced Tull as winners. And there's a reason why Alice Cooper, who presented the award, was embarrassed by the results and called it "egg on my face."

Plus Tull's label taking out an ad congratulating themselves for the Grammy was classless. No, the flute is NOT a heavy metal instruments...douchebags.


They are both great bands. Claiming who is better is pointless. It's a matter of Opinion rather than fact and or taste.


the flute has no business leaving the high school band room, let alone being in the same breath as R O C K ! suck on it. hippy.


Jethro Tull is far better than metallica IMHO, look at all the awesome arrangements and tonality combined with multiple instruments. Not talking about that specific album but over 20 years of work. And Justice For All only had 2 good songs on it, just face it, and it was the beginning of the end of they're heavy metal ways, now they are a cover/radio rock band not making anything worth while, and Tull is still changing with the times and reinventing they're sound to fit the day. By the way I am 29 now not been around for there hay-day but just can appreciate great music for what it is and not just say its newer so its better.


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