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'Jesus was a democrat,' Everclear says

Like you didn't know. Yep, heyzeus was totally a tree-hugging hippie liberal sans blue eyes and white skin, says Art Alexakis and mates on the band's new free download.  "I bet you think of him as a nice clean long-haired Republican/nah He would be locked up in Guantanamo Bay... if he were alive today... Jesus Christ didn't have blue eyes or blond hair/He looked just like all those people that you want to kill."


And, of course, JC also has mad love for everyone, from kids in Palestine to modern-day Mary Magdelenes:  "You say Jesus loves the little children/And I say I know that's true/I say he loves all the Muslims and the Jews/And the addicts and the porn stars too."


Everclear first played the song at the Rock The Conventions show in Denver. "People looked shocked and excited at the lyrics in a good way," Alexakis said. "I, like a lot of people who consider themselves Christians, get angry and bewildered at the intolerance of so many people who call themselves 'Christians.' They act and talk in ways that have nothing to do with the lessons of Christ. Look, sexism, racism, bigotry, and hate don't have any place in a Christian's life."




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Wow, the last time I cared about what the dude from Everclear has to say was...that's right, never.

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wow you're an idiot.


Regardless of what you think of Art, I think that he brings up some good points. It's nice to see a rock star use his resources to speak of issues pertaining to the election. What do other people think of the song? I'm sure it didn't sit well with some.


Jesus didn't help you win the last election, did he hippie? McCain is going to take this election. The last thing we need is another Democrat getting a blow job in the Oval Office, that's what happened last time we had a Democrat there. Jesus Was A REPUBLICAN!


Better a democrat getting a blow job then a republican blowing things up!


Everclear FOREVER!!! With Art Alexakis brilliant mind he really should be a clinical psychologist or author of self-help books!! He is such a smart man as comes across in his lyrics and now at this stage of his life his intellect and depth are coming through too. I am pleased that he is now a Christian too so I can listen to his music again... Now how about touring soon!!!


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