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Jesus And Mary Chain Reunite For First Show Since 2009

The Jesus and Mary Chain made a return-of-sorts in 2007 when they were announced as one of the performers for that year's Coachella Music Festival. But since then, brothers Jim and William Reid and their bandmates have been playing out sporadically. And while they did release a rarities box set in 2008, no proper new material has surfaced.

We're hopeful that could change soon, though, with the announcement that they're getting back together again for another music festival. This one is 35 Denton, which runs March 8-11 this year in Denton, Texas. Tickets are on sale here and four-day passes are $50 for the next two days, so hurry up if you're interested.

You can view the JMC announcement below. Photo credit: Wiki.

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The Jesus and Mary Chain

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