Jessibel Suthiwong (ex-Fannypack) Readies Brooklyn-4-Life

    Remember Fannypack? Love ’em or hate ’em their 2003 hit “Cameltoe” (from their rather brilliant debut So Stylistic) and the accompanying video left an impression on popular culture. Connoisseurs of the short-lived hip-hop revival group may also recall their rather underrated 2005 swan song See You Next Tuesday, a sophisticated take on modern electro which featured some forward-thinking dancehall production. The group split years ago and their camp has been relatively quiet ever since. But on April 6, former member Jessibel Suthiwong will release her solo debut Brooklyn-4-Life. The digital-only release will feature instrumentation from a boy’s choir and a Gamelan orchestra. Her MySpace page is currently streaming two songs from the record, which cross the naive appeal of Fannypack with a lo-fi pop sensibility and add a dash if surprising moodiness.