Jeremiah Jae Announces New Album, ‘Raw Money Raps’

    After moving from Chicago to L.A. to unite with his Brainfeeder labelmates, rapper and producer Jeremiah Jae has announced his new album, Raw Money Raps. Last year Jae impressed critics with the kaleidoscopic, left-field production style and loose, low-key rhyming of his Rappayamatantra EP. Now, with his debut full-length, he promises another interesting, foraging and variegated release.

    First hearing him on a mixtape by Samiyam, label boss and producer Flying Lotus subsequently signed Jae to Brainfeeder. Speaking of the forthcoming release, Lotus was effusive in his praise: “I think it’s safe to say Jeremiah Jae is one of my favorite artists of his generation. For years now I’ve been a witness to the incredible progression of his craft. This album has a complex dedication and honesty that I search for in myself with my own art. Underrated and understated, Jae is ready to show these muhfuckers what’s really good. Believe in Jeremiah Jae.”

    Raw Money Raps is released via Brainfeeder on July 23, and the first single, “Money,” will drop on May 14. [Ninja Tune]