Jens Lekman Releases A New Song “Olivia & Maddy”

    So during and after hurricane Sandy, New York was in complete distraught. Almost all forms of transportation was shut down and getting out and around the city was almost impossible. This would include Jonas Abrahamsson who happened to be Jens Lekman’s pianist at the time. Lekman had already embarked on a U.S. tour and was out west when the hurricane rolled along. Abrahamsson was still stuck in New York. So in order to catch up with the troubadour in order to perform with him, he had to find a way to go to Boston to fly out from there. This was when Lekman posted  a message on facebook asking for help.

    Well, Jens Lekman has linked a song on his site titled “Olivia & Maddy” who volunteered and helped Abrahamsson to Boston. And as promised Lekman wrote a song for the two. 

    Click here to listen to the track. The song is a simply song tune where Lekman’s vocals truly shine as it’s not overshadowed by an array or instruments. Just voice and a simple piano chiming along great thanks to Olivia and Maddy.

    [Consequence of Sound]