Jenny Lewis Duets With Killers’ Brandon Flowers On His Forthcoming Solo LP

    For those of you not aware Brandon Flowers has a solo LP coming out, I’ll give you a moment to ask yourselves the immediate pressing questions that come to mind…



    “It will sound like the Killers, won’t it?”

    “Will he sing in his Hot Fuss voice or his Sam’s Town and later voice?”

    “How much makeup will he be wearing on the album cover?”

    “I mean, if it doesn’t sound like the Killers, what could it sound like?”


    Now that’s out of your system, Flowers is apparently estactic to welcome pretty little indie-rock princess Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley and work with The Watson Twins) to the studio. Lewis reportedly not only offered her creative imput to the album but lent her voice to a song called “Hard Enough” (immaturity, run rampant).


    While no official release date has been set as of press time, you just KNOW their duet is going to be nothing short of precious. Also, no word on if Conor Oberst (also pictured above) has anything to do with anything. [TwentyFourBit]