Jenny Lewis Among Those Boycotting Arizona

    Arizona, now known nationwide as the most prejudiced state in America, has another enemy in Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis. Along with her boyfriend, singer-songwriter Jonathan Rice, their new collaboration as duo Jenny and Johnny will skip over the state as a way of protesting immigration laws.


    On their website, the duo writes:


    They can stop you in the street, arrest and even deport you based on what you look like. We say: f— that. So many of our friends and fans are of Latino/Chicano/Hispanic origin, and we wanna show our love and respect for them by boycotting the state of Arizona until they come to their senses. To all our rad Southwestern peeps, we’re sorry that the brutes are running the show and we hope they get voted out of office.”


    Their first single “Scissor Runner” is available via Stereogum here.