Jennifer Love Hewitt to Go Country?

    Maybe this is a joke.


    But Angry Ape and One India are reporting that TV star and men’s magazine fave Jennifer Love Hewitt is going country. Kind of like Jessica Simpson did a year or so ago.


    So why do we think it’s a joke? Well, because the source for this info is none other than Hewitt’s boyfriend du jour, Jamie Kennedy, who built his career on pranking people (remember his “Jamie Kennedy Experiment” on the WB network?). Plus, Kennedy says he wants to make demos for her. Sure, he’s a funnyman — but when did he become an A&R guy or producer?


    Hewitt had a somewhat successful pop career in the 1990s, before going on to bigger fame with TV’s “The Ghost Whisperer” and tabloid headlines about various boyfriends and bikini pics. Whether her country career is a figment of Mr. Kennedy’s imagination remains to be seen.