JELLY NYC Pool Parties in Danger of Ending

    JELLY Pool Parties, New York’s greatest free summer music series, has been a familiar stomping ground for music fans of the area the last few years. Even when you didn’t know the band playing, or even like them, it was always a great place to hang out, drink a beer, and run into friends. Everyone always seemed to be there. Even after they technically stopped being pool parties — moving from the McCarren Park Pool to East River State Park this past summer — the atmosphere never changed.


    Unfortunately, it all may be coming to an end. According to the New York State Parks Department and the Open Space Alliance, the East River State Park may not be available to them in 2010, essentially ending the summer concert series. Senator Charles Schumer, born and raised in Brooklyn, has joined the fight to save the parties, campaigning and talking to state officials, hoping to keep the pool parties in Brooklyn for another year.


    JELLY is now reaching out to the fans. To show your support, they are urging you to contact Senator Schumer at (212) 486-4430, or by email at, where he will relay your messages to the Parks Department and Open Space Alliance.