Jeff Tweedy Responds to Jay Bennett Lawsuit

    Yesterday, it was reported that Jay Bennett, former Wilco member who was with the band up until the completion of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, is suing frontman Jeff Tweedy for $50,000 for royalties Bennett says he’s owed from the album and the ensuing documentary, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. Today comes a response from Tweedy, which essentially amounts to a “whaaaa?”:

    “I know exactly as much as everyone else does. I’ve read the news and I honestly have no idea what these claims are based on. It was such a long time ago. Aside from everything else, I’m being sued for not paying someone for appearing in a movie I didn’t produce. Go figure. I am truly sad it has come to this. I am equally convinced, however, that I have done nothing wrong and that this will be handled fairly and swiftly.”

    Tweedy certainly brings up a salient point: He didn’t make the documentary, so why should he pay Bennett? It’s not like Tweedy hands out royalties from albums either. Clearly, this is Bennett grasping for one more shot in the limelight, still reeling from the fact that Tweedy still gets all the credit in Wilco. [Pitchfork]