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Jeff Tweedy Covers "Single Ladies" (Video)


However you feel about Wilco's music, it's pretty easy to see that frontman Jeff Tweedy has a pretty pleasant onstage presence, and here's a clip of him showcasing that at Chicago's Vic theatre this past March. Tweedy apparently took pre-submitted audience requests, and "Single Ladies" beat out "Ashes of American Flags." What's disappointing, really, is that the audience wasn't current enough to request some Bieber or Ke$ha, but Tweedy was a good sport and ended up turning the song into a spoken word performance after singing it for ten seconds. It's all good, assuming that the joke is "Jeff Tweedy is a folk rock dad singing a Beyonce song" and not "Beyonce is beneath the artistry of Jeff Tweedy."  [Pitchfork]

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