J*DaVeY Releasing ‘New Designer Drug’ Nov. 22

    After gaining the attention of Warner Bros four years ago, Los Angeles-based duo J*DaVeY has worked outside of the “typical” major label confines and taken the grassroots approach. Most of their material has been available for free online and their only “proper” releases to date were 2008’s Beauty In Distortion and The Land of the Lost EPs. 

    It’s not that they weren’t working on a full-length album, it’s just that Warner Bros wasn’t exactly keen on the duo’s combination electro, R&B, soul, funk, and hip-hop. J*DaVeY would eventually get out of their contract and create their own imprint, ILLAV8R, which serves as the home for their debut album, New Designer Drug. It’s due out Nov. 22 on iTunes for the super-low price of $2.99 and features guest production from the Roots’ Questlove, Greg Wells, and Khari Mateen.