Jay-Z’s Tour Rider Requires a Lot of Booze, Fancy Cars

    The Smoking Gun has got its hands on a copy of Jay-Z’s tour rider, and predictably, the biggest rapper in the world requires a lot of fancy things for him to get onstage on tour. Among the things listed on his rider are access to a Maybach with tinted windows, wine, champaigne, Samporo beer, “good quality” peanut butter and jelly, and a pack of Marlboro Lights. You can see the full rider here.


    Additionally, the rider the Smoking Gun published is a copy of one for Hove’s date at the University of Arizona, which declined to give him everything on the rider, and sent it back with lines through it. I suppose you can’t have a university buying booze for someone, but come on U of A, no Maybach? What is this, amateur hour? [Smoking Gun]