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Jay-Z's "On to the Next One" Is a Tool of the Illuminati



Remember when Vigilant Citizen proposed that Lady Gaga was a member of the Illuminati? Well, they’re at it again, this time pointing to Jay-Z’s video for “On to the Next One” as positive proof that the hip-hop star has a strong connection with secret societies.


According to their report, the occult imagery contained in the clip includes Jay-Z making himself look holy by shining some flashing lights behind his head. Here's Vigilant Citizen to explain further: “The one who refers to himself as “HOV” or “Jay-Hova” (a reference to Jehovah, the proper name of God in Abrahamic religions) might be sending the message that he is a god in a LeVeyan satanism kind of way rather than the “black gods” of the Five-Percenters.”


Riiiight. Of course, how did we not see this before? Thankfully, Vigilant Citizen is here to guide us. “If you’ve read other articles on this website, you are aware of the usage of the likeness of Baphomet as an unmistakable mark of an Illuminati video,” the text continues. “Two separate Baphomet heads make short, almost subliminal appearances during the video.”


Oh that Baphomet, he gets everywhere doesn't he? So, there you have it. Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One” video isn’t just a “mashup between "Scream" and...a movie where sneakers bleed milk” (to quote Prefix’s Andrew Winistorfer). It’s something far more sinister.


“Jay-Z gets the publicity he is seeking and the Illuminatus continue their mass indoctrination,” concludes the article. “But what will happen when the elites are done using Jay-Z as a vessel for their sinister symbols? Will they say ON TO THE NEXT ONE?” Sadly, the Illuminati were unavailable for a quote at the time of writing this article.


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I don't believe these guys are in a secret society, but the toying with religious imagery from time to time does happen. Still a cool vid. I'd like to know what Vigilant Citizen aims to protect us from though...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/LongestWinter/moonjpg.jpg CraigJenkins

yeah, I agree with Andrew Winistorfer's interpretation “mashup between "Scream" and...a movie where sneakers bleed milk.”

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Isn't using the fact that he calls himself Hova like 10 years too late? I mean, sneakers bleed milk here, and the part they're concerned about is the fact he calls himself Hov?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

It's all sensational and hilarious. Extra ROFLage if you read their writeup on the "Run This Town" video, which is flanked by letters by Prodigy of Mobb Deep from prison about Jay's Illuminati membership.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/LongestWinter/moonjpg.jpg CraigJenkins

you know how jay z goes by rockafella.well the rockafeller family runs the whole show.if you listen to the hidden meanings in songs it isnt hard to know whats going on.the next one is little wayne.just stick with the tupac and listen to his song called killuminati.......or not.


Didn't they say that Kanye was a member of the Illuminati too? And that when he interrupted Swift's acceptance speech, it was on purpose so she could become more popular and enter the Illuminati too? This is all just hilarious and asinine.

And they also pointed out that Jay-Z and Kanye worked on a song called "Lucifer"....Ahhhhh the horror!


i remember laughing when my lil neice told me they were talking about jayz's satanic connections at her catholic school in the bronx. but I gotta tell you , its really starting to creep me out. those ram skull heads - baphomet - or whatever was too much for me. this looks like some marilyn manson crap to me. yeah not feeling this move at all. plus WMG is taking down all of the expose vids on youtube. whats that all about? making me uncomfortable - i will be flipping the channel when this comes on.


The fact that your whole article is based on ripping Vigilant and not to the actual truth makes me feel you the one writing for the illuminati. Just think about this if it quacks like a duck walks like a duck it a duck. Jay is very sacreligous, quotes Alister Crowley his lyrics are very adverse to Christianity, if he isn't a freemason he wan't people to think he's a freemason. comeon people dont be sheep take things for what they are not what u want them to be.

Albert Pike

You people all are crazy not to believe this article. God is soon to return and all who do not believe is going straight to hell.

He is soon to return

'he is soon to return' commented from his mobile while on a bus screaming at the top of his lungs..


I was pretty sure he commented from inside a giant Baphomet.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/ChrisBosman/Bio Pic.jpg ChrisBosman

Thing is, I don't look up to these pop stars to the point where I would be effected in any way if, say, Jay-Z WAS some tool of a secret society. Say all of this is true. Then what? It's not like I'm gonna go out and worship Satan cause someone poured milk over a damned metal skull in a rap video. And if we really wanna get funky with it, why aren't death metal and black metal bands, the most OBVIOUS merchants of devious and blatantly anti-Christian imagery, completely rich and wildly popular? Isn't that how it goes, you big up Satan in return for success and wealth?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/LongestWinter/moonjpg.jpg CraigJenkins

@Albert Pike I'll happily write for the Illuminati if they pay well. What's their hourly rate?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/nick/461770063_f6a8d92e3a_s.jpg nick

Jay said it before that he isnt a christian and doesn't believe in the devil either.


Im a huge fan of Jay-Z but this video is a bit creepy. He topped it off by the Ram that shows for a second. Either he is in this secret society or he's trying to poke fun at it and get more publicity.

The song and video dont corelate. AT ALL!


There is no meaning in the video it's all just art..


Woah woah woah. Suprisingly most metal etc. Bands are very Christian and religious... And I have read almost all the articles on that site and they kinda of make a point. And even though some of their accusations are 'out there' some of them aren't. I dot believe this can ALL be a coincidence. I mean baphmet's, the covering of one eye, theme of dark, sinister things in videos. And it's with all the top top artists. I'm still a little skeptical on it all but it makes sense.


"big up satan for wealth and popularity" = worshiping satan to me.
all the signs and imagery, whether intentional or not, are things with meaning and powers that normal god fearing ppl wont tresspass into. so whether they doin it for publicity or w/e goes to show the level they on, a rather low one in my view.
as for if seein milk poured on a skull will make u worship satan? maybe not, but then again, YOU are not the target, you are just a pawn, after they "desensitize" you they will aim to "program" your children. same applies to things like homosexuality. in the "old days" men would be stoned to death. a few years ago we didn't care, it was ppls choice, now they are seeking to mock GOD's order by making it "legal". Open your eyes, sometimes things are EXACTLY as they seem. if you are a little disturbed by the imagery etc in these videos, good for you, your judgement has not been totally ccorrupted.
PS: i am not religious, but because my family has so many beliefs i was always inclined to search for knowledge and have come across all these things in the past and all i can say now is "It was written"




Did you see the image of Jesus Christ on the Cross with the bullets on each side of him facing down in the On To The Next One video????!!!!!! WTF!!!! This was enough to convince me. See 3:39 - the image goes by very fast so pay attention. VERY DISTURBING!


how can someone believe in one but not the other? that makes no sense at all, either your a believer or not


um kydell....YOUR A F*@KIN IDIOT.... As a lesbian female I find your comment to be extremly STUPID and a true sign of IGNORANCE.. with that said, if this man is or is not a member of any secret society, the choice of watching his videos or listening to his music is yours.. personally I DO believe that he is a member.. BUT TAKE THAT FOR WHAT IT IS..knowledge is knowledge, hey KYDELL YOUR A JERK!!! P.S. nobody wants your kids.. YTF would I "Brainwash" YOUR child in an effort to increase the GAY population!!!! QUESTION: HAVE YOU EVEN SPOKEN TO A GAY PERSON LATELY!!! we just want the right to be as happy as your stupid, ignorant ass..hey lets strip you of your rights and see if you feel like your tax dollars are justified!!!! DUMB ASS!!!


that is true jigga is satan's argent and is using his music to convert people indirectly into the dark world.hell is full of his your eyes so that you can see. let those with ears hear says the bible

pardie mirisi

Jay Z is a satanist and the people that don't believe that r just being igorant. I mean seriously ' the wait is over'. What is that supposed to mean? That its time for satan to rule the thrown ! It is sooooo obvious.


One word: AAAARRRGH!

Gregory Rutty're cool. Everyone else..get a life. Respect freedom and appreciate the entertainment and artistry of his work. I too enjoy conspiring and considering outlandish possibilities..but free your mind god dammit..and be Logical. Feel free to worship ridiculous myths, but don't spread that religious garbage on public forums. Save it for your kool-aid drinkin friends.


Why does it matter what jay z or kanye or lady Gaga or whoever do? Like if theyvwere then why would they be putting messages in there videos and songs to let us know what they do if its a secret society? It's just there style if there satanist then why should we care and make a huge deal? If u don't like it then don't listen to there songs. God and the devil arnt even real. They r in a sense but not physically. And fwi I researched everything satanism religion cuz of all this mess and they don't even worship the devil. They say that he is a god to them but not physically they dont do voodoo or rituals or sacrifices like everyone thinks hey just believe that instead of abstAining like god says, they say make every moment coount live a happy life and indulge. so they don't do anything wrong and why should religion matter anyway I live in a Christian home but I'm agnostic cuz I don't know what to believe in. So if jay z and all them worship the devil or are part of the illuminati then woopdey freaking doo. It's all in the mind anyway. Except for the illuminati part but they do what they do to get what they want there proboly makin mistakes but its there lives not anyone else's. I'm sure there doin what they think is right.

just stop already

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