Jay Z’s Made In America Documentary (Video)

    Last night on ShowTime, Jay Z’s “Made In America” documentary was aired. The film, directed by Oscar-winner Ron Howard (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Rush), chronicles the massive operation behind the Philadelphia festival.

    Along with behind-the-scenes looks and footage from the performances, the documentary asks,  “What does it mean to be ‘Made in America?’ Artists such as Hov himself, Run DMC, Skrillex, Janelle Monae, The Hives, Pearl Jam, Rita Ora, Santigold plus more give us their perspective on the topic. 

    Precisely woven between the artist’s stories and songs are several narratives’ from Philadelphia natives who are trying to make it in America themselves. These tales of struggle and striving for a little bit of success is what really makes the hour and a half movie worth the time…(oh, and that little performance of “Ni**as in Paris” when Jay brings out Ye at the end is worth it too.)

    The full film can be seen below.