Jay-Z Sues Chef Over Chicken Wing Recipe

    As we already reported, Jay-Z is the boss. So one would presumably not mess with the boss, right? But that’s what Mike Shand–a chef at Jay’s 40/40 Club–reportedly did. According to the NY Post, Jay hired Shand–who previously worked as the rap mogul’s personal chef–to spice up the menu in advance of a $10 million renovation project. Apparently Shand didn’t do that, prompting Jay to claim the club lost significant profits as a result.

    And now the incident takes an even weirder twist. Jay-Z is supposedly suing Shand for $1.5 million over “recipes to popular menu items such as chicken wings,” which Jay claims Shand stole, along with the wings’ special spice mix. Vik Pawar, the chef’s lawyer, says that’s not the case:

    “The spice-mix recipe that Mike developed is his own recipe. 40/40 terminated him, then had the audacity to sue him for his recipes. He gave them all apart from this spice mix because it is his own. Mike had a wonderful relationship with Jay-Z and Beyonce for many years.”

    Sad to see a relationship end over chicken wings, but Jay-Z isn’t one to let a delicious business opportunity slip his grasp. [All Hip-Hop]